Aki out on a clear winter afternoon

During Winter a lot of the time it is cold, grey, rainy, cloudy and quite depressing, so when we get some blue sky and sunny break, despite the cold (it looks warmer than it is in these photos!) I had to try to step outside for some doll photos!

And of course… my favourite Aki needs to be reminded that she’s my favourite :P

At the same time I am also testing out my current camera, an NEX F3, to try to get a better feel of it.

So far, the colours are nice, and I like how the flash can be pointed upwards when needed.

Above, I used flash as it is quite back lit, and I think it worked pretty well, :)

Aki reminds me I need to make her a new jacket sometime ^^;

She reminds me also she is a great model and will make anything looks good ;D

Kyah! Kawaii!

Let’s walk around a bit!

It was not windy, so some of the poses did not require a doll stand. ^^

Unfortunately due to the cold, the outing was cut short ^^;

Omake: Chikadee chan makes an appearance XD

Thanks for looking! :D

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