Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid get!

Was so excited when Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid was announced, so happy to announce she arrived today! Luckily I heard the postman rang the door bell :P I didn’t hear the postal van, as I was sewing. ^^;

Mirai Nendoroid comes with plenty of goodies for you to play with :D

Gumako chan seems very excited!

Retrokyu was kidnapped by Aki for some photos! XD

Retrokyu~ Kawaii!

As you can see, Aki dressed up in Mirai Seifuku for the occasion :P

I decided to try my hand at attaching the water decals… I think I could have done better…, I actually messed up one of the decals =_=; but luckily there’s extra pieces included! :3


Another awesome item included with Mirai Nendoroid is the mini moekana cards!

Perfect size for Dollfie Dream ^O^!

Happy to know that it fits the back pocket on the shorts I made lol

Now your girls can practice Japanese with you, or among themselves!  ;D

Blue chan is memorizing ;D

Blue chan shows me that the cards can fit into the side pockets too XD

Look at the stack of Mini Moekana cards XD

The Culture Japan Itasha can hold the Mini Moekana too ;P

Thank you Danny and Good Smile Company for making Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid a reality! She is so adorable! Suteki!!!

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