Office wear and Bikini bottom

If you had seen some of Danny’s recent photos you may have noticed his Ryomo chan wearing a bikini looking very much like the Mirai Suenaga Bikini art :3 It isn’t 100% exact but definitely inspired by the original :) And of course you may also have seen the Jacket which he commissioned from months back? ^^;/

Ah, it seems like I forgot to post some of the images which I took of the jacket and blouse I made for his Dollfie Daughters too ^^;

Smart casual? Or smart sexy? ^^;

Is 3/4 pants allowed in the office? It’s been so hot these days I cannot imagine wearing a jacket in the heat o_o

Danny loves his pais ^^; I hope to make some which is a bit less revealing for my own girls in future :3

After work, looking more relaxed :)

Working pockets on the pants ^^

I had been rather busy to catch up with work, so haven’t been sewing as much as I would like to ^^;/

Bonus picture:

Other than the Tokyo Figure Show (TFS), Danny has been doing some giveaways these days, which includes a Dollfie related item giveaway — Miss Dollfie Summer 2009. If you own a Dollfie Dream and she would like to take part, here’s your chance! :) Managed to help Danny whip up a quick POP for Mirai Suenaga for the TFS :D Thanks for the credit Danny! Have a BLAST at the show!

ETA: the POP in action, photo kindly taken by Steve Nagata san, (I did a slight adjustment cos I’m itchy like that :P)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Shorudan
    Shorudan says:

    Oh Chun, your handiwork never cease to amaze me! I’ve been following your work on Danny’s site for awhile. Can you email me? I’m thinking of commissioning you to do some DD clothes for me and my friend. Thanks!

  2. Hope
    Hope says:

    I just found out about your existence (AMAZING collection and works by the way!)! I need to know, do you accept commissions? I am in depserate need of someone talented and Dollfie-Dream-Familiar to make an outfit for my girl. I think you can see my email since it’s included above; if you have the time please contact me! Thank you!!!

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