Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 entries

I entered Mirin and Mirai into the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 at figure.fm, hosted by Danny ^^

In this entry, I’ll be posting some of the photos taken for the purpose of entering this contest and some extras :)

Mirai, the more tomboyish of the twins, brave and out going, likes desserts and her weapons ^^;

Below is my favourite indoor shot of her ^^

Below is my favorite outdoor shot of Mirai ^^

Mirin, younger of Mirai’s long lost twin. Her make up done by me, she’s sweet and shy and a bit clumsy. She likes cooking and her favourite food is ice cream :3 Below is my favourite indoor shot of her :)

Below is my favorite outdoor shot of Mirin ^^

Bonus: Non related Mamachapp picture :P They’re sitting on a lovely sofa kit by Atelier Matin, completed by me on the weekend of computer trouble :P They’re wearing clothes stolen borrowed from the Lati babies ^^;

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  1. Mokona2
    Mokona2 says:

    Hmm.. thanks for the tip. I guess I can look for another wig, although most that I’ve seen are either chin length or ankle length :P I need to look a bit to find a wig that’s shoulder to waist length.. I’d hate to trim a nice wig only to botch it up!

  2. Mokona2
    Mokona2 says:

    I have my own set of Yukino twins, but I bought a Volks wig for an SD rather than a DD head for one of them. Did I order the wrong size (it’s a bit loose)? Also, I noticed the top is a bit bald where the part is. Would you recommend I try and root more hair or just look for another wig?

    • chun
      chun says:

      I’m actually not sure if you ordered the wrong size or not, I would have tried measuring yukino’s head before I buy the wig size tho ^^; If you try to root more hair you may run the risk of damaging the wig, you may want to try to sell that wig and look for another?

  3. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    The Yukino twins do make a nice pair :D. Not like my terrible twins.

    Too bad they can’t be here when Lily shows up this Weekend at Suntec City.

    But Yoko would. >:3 he he he he he he.

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