I entered Mirin and Mirai into the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 at figure.fm, hosted by Danny ^^

In this entry, I’ll be posting some of the photos taken for the purpose of entering this contest and some extras :)

Mirai, the more tomboyish of the twins, brave and out going, likes desserts and her weapons ^^;

Below is my favourite indoor shot of her ^^

Below is my favorite outdoor shot of Mirai ^^

Mirin, younger of Mirai’s long lost twin. Her make up done by me, she’s sweet and shy and a bit clumsy. She likes cooking and her favourite food is ice cream :3 Below is my favourite indoor shot of her :)

Below is my favorite outdoor shot of Mirin ^^

Bonus: Non related Mamachapp picture :P They’re sitting on a lovely sofa kit by Atelier Matin, completed by me on the weekend of computer trouble :P They’re wearing clothes stolen borrowed from the Lati babies ^^;

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37 Responses to Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 entries

  1. yamada says:

    Yes! Yes! Mirai and Mirin are cute twins indeed.

  2. garturo62 says:

    hope you win good luck.

  3. wolfheinrich says:

    Love your daughters, they are just beautiful! I think I am favoring the shots of Mirai, but the innocent look of Mirin isn’t bad either! I am loving this contest so far, I am just having a blast taking outdoor photos with my daughters!

    • wolfheinrich says:

      Oh almost forgot, noticed the incoming link so I added yours to my blogroll as well :)

      • chun says:

        ^o^ Thanks for dropping by to comment and adding me to the blog roll! :3 I really like seeing outdoor shots of dollfies so hopefully this will start a habit for all dollfie dream parents XD

        • wolfheinrich says:

          I’m sold on the outdoor photos already, I was pressing the shutter faster than my camera can store pictures! I really really love the pictures I took for Asuka!! I discovered so many things about my girls I didn’t know previously that’s not even funny, it’s almost like I was a bad Papa all a long for not taking them outside! I found out how to pose a DDDy body properly and took new shots for Escalayer.

          Ah, an incoming link should always be returned in favor, that’s what a traveling kamen rider does!

      • chun says:

        Thanks again! and I hope this means we’re gonna see more outdoor shoots of your lovelies in future ;)! Oh I’ve seen some actual kamen rider belts in action, pretty neat! XD (Belongs to a friend of ours)

        • wolfheinrich says:

          I now know I was a bad Papa for not taking them outside ;_;, I just love the way Asuka looked in that flower bed, it was beyond awesome for me, if I was more skillful, I am sure she would look even better! But first, I must take care of the camera capacity problem, going to take the bandwagon and make a post in figure.fm to seek advise.

        • chun says:

          Awwww don’t beat yourself up lol! We’re pretty new dollfie dream owners afterall (ahem) and a 60 cm doll is not easy to lug around if we don’t want too much attention XD The funny thing is the occasional curious person(s) will think it’s a child/baby I’m carrying LOL

        • Wolfheinrich says:

          It was a tough affair to bring 3 of them out on a solo mission, that’s why I had to pick a place where I can drive right up to where I can take pictures right there. It was hot as hell too, I was sweating like a pig all day. But once I saw that flower bed and how perfect it was for Asuka to sit right on that manhole cover, that was enough to convince me that all that sweat was worth it! Luckily that flower bed is inside one of my office building that I have access to over the weekend, so the chances is I will go back to it again with a better game plan! I wasn’t too happy with the shadow casted on Asuka’s face and would love to eliminate it.

  4. Ms. Geek says:

    I can’t believe how many people there are in the running, some with multiple musumes! Poor Yumiko-tan doesn’t stand a chance out there. Good luck to Mirai and Mirin.

  5. chibinezumi says:

    I am also loving the green eyes! shot of mirai in sunglasses staring down the camera looks like a good candidate! mirin is super sugary sweet in that outfit and pose. I like the contrast of the two twins^^ Good luck on the contest!

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