Some test sewing for Dollfie Dream

So today managed to take a few pix before we loose the daylight ^^;  I definitely decided to name her Mirai, after Danny‘s mascot. ^o^! I kept her in the short wig for now because the wig band for lighter wigs is less likely to stain ^^; Also when I make measurements for pattern etc it’s easier.

After taking a few pix, I was like heck might as well try to make her some casual clothes since I would be home most of the day.

Her default lingerie is nicely made but the material they used to make it seems to get snagged easily by the velcro fastening at the back, and also my hands had been kinda dry due to the weather, it’s snagging the material too ^^; And also I don’t really want to take her out in just her lingerie lol!

I ended up making her a long sleeved top, a skirt (still very rough stages) and pantyhose– to prevent dirtying or staining her legs. Here’s Mirai chan, holding onto the little bear a dear friend made! :D

Such a sweet face <3! 

Looking forward to adjust and make other variation of clothing ^^!

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  1. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    FatB :P it is LOL

    Koshiko thank you! The shirt, skirt and leggings took a few hours in total ^^; I would thank having made smaller clothing for the practice which result in your kind comment :) (thank you!)

    Edward :D Thanks! I’ll be seeing if I can tweak the pattern a bit more, I’m definitely keeping this piece tho ^^; cos the back has a little booboo (misaligned)

  2. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Aww, very sweet~ I love the last photo, and the blue suits her nicely :3
    How long did it take you to make her shirt? Looks very well made =o [from my very limited/non-existent knowledge that is, lol]

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