More Mirai Yukino chan!

I might as well keep Yukino as Mirai’s last name ;D!
Today don’t have time to make more than just a test skirt, made it a bit too short tho ^^; so will have to either make a laced edged underskirt or something ^^!

Mirai seems as if she’s a bit embarrassed I made her wear a skirt so short ^^;

Mirai poses rather well, and in some pictures her thighs look so realistic o_o;

Serious look ^^;


So innocent! ^O^ Moe~~~

Switched back to blond wig ^^

Brown wig is nice but this blond wig is growing on me :)

Got a request to take a photo of my sewing machine, so I did ^^/

Got distracted to take a few more of Mirai, here are a couple more ^^!

Thanks for looking! :D