Taiga back to school

ETA: a few photos of Taiga with a hair cut a bit shorter ^^;

Taiga has been feeling a bit neglected these days, I feel kinda bad ^^; So over the weekend when we were re-watching a couple of episodes  Toradora! I decided to take some time make something exclusively for her :)


So there’s a few things I may change if I ever spare time to do it again ^^; Skirt needs to be in a darker colour… the pleats are a bit messed up as she was on a stand with the holder on her leg under her skirt over the weekend after I completed it ^^;

Probably line inside of the red jacket with red instead of white…

Need to sew some white buttons on her white blouse too lol

Lookie, no stand! :3

Decided to trim her hair a bit as after a re-watch of a few episodes, realised her wig was too long ^^; Probably still need a little bit of styling and/or trimming but will leave it like this for now :)




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  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    wow wow wow! After the haircut she is really looking like taiga! Great uniform too ^^ now need to find a bokken!

  2. applebom
    applebom says:

    hi. if its not too much trouble, i know you can make dollfie dream clothing and was wondering if you took custom orders. they seem very very well made. please alert me if you can do it. thank you.

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