Now Taiga can stand on her own with some careful balancing, thanks to kips!

What is kips?

I must thank Chibichibiusa again for bringing to our attention this little item which fixes the floppy knee problem which the Mini dollfie dream body have.

I could only find kips on volksusa for some reason (maybe I was looking at the wrong section?), so I took the opportunity to order some extra bits and bobs after some thinking.

Took the chance to document the kipping process too ^^ so I guess it’s somewhat a photo tutorial of sorts… In case I missed anything, I recommend checking out Chibichibiusa’s tutorial on too ^^/

So this is what the MDD (Mini Dollfie Dream) legs look like, the knees joints especially are somewhat weak/loose so most MDD cannot stand on their own at all.

Disassemble one leg first.

Unscrew the 2 screws as seen below.

Position one of the smaller kips where the knee joint is

Screw the piece back on…

I had to adjust to make sure it’s tight enough but still able to do other poses

I noticed that the ankle part is a bit loose so kipped that part too ^^ the kip is made of some type of soft rubbery like material so it stretches a bit — enough to put it thru the stick part before the ankle ball joint.

And of course do the same with the other leg…


Yey!!! So glad it works! I’m so happy that Taiga is still standing next to my computer lol

Taiga tried the wig which came with this package ^^; I made the hairband for Himitsu’s Haruhi cosplay (in future progress) ^^

Not sure when I’m gonna actually make Haruhi’s school uniform yet so I photoshopped the image below a bit :P Does Himitsu look too sweet to be Haruhi? ^^;

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  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    stuck them in my headless Mdd but maybe I need to tighten more? she still does not stand that well. or maybe I am new to balancing and posing still ^^; working on the head still.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I think without kips MDDs cannot even keep their legs straight O_O! So good luck! I think I need to tighten Taiga’s legs a bit more too lol

  2. Kotetsu-chan
    Kotetsu-chan says:

    Yay Kips! I’ll definitely be checking those out. I wonder if they make them for the DD as well? I could use them for some extra support. Some poses with the DD can be a balancing act as it is. I like the added assurance my DD doesn’t take a dive while I’m photographing her and fiddling with camera settings. >.<

    • chun
      chun says:

      oh! I’m sure they will probably work with DD :) Remember tho, there’s 2 slightly larger ones and the rest are smaller, so I think the larger ones can fit into parts like say hips, smaller ones ankle/knee/elbows ^^

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