Yup ^^; I haven’t been able to update photos just yet as we had been having really busy days…

The weather in Japan has been kind so far, *knock on wood* we managed to make a day trip by bus to see Mt. Fuji behind a sea of Shibazakura ^o^!

Visited Odaiba Gundam ^o^!

Ebichu the stowaway lol

Met lovely friends at dolpa and doll show ^O^! So so happy!

Visited shrines ^o^

Visited parks!


More photos to come! You can see more random Japan photos on instagram at puppychun ^o^/ I will post photos from my camera later ^^/

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6 Responses to Aki and Mt Fuji

  1. Anthony Wang says:

    Great trip. There are many beautiful spots in Japan. ^_^

  2. Ling says:

    Love the beautiful sceneries in Japan….and the shopping and food as well :P

    You must have a wonderful trip,thank you for the nice pictures.

  3. FatB says:

    Great trip! Welcome back ;-)

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