Vivi and Betsey out and about

Both Vivi and Betsey are wearing my sewing :) Vivi’s actually wearing something meant for blythe ^^

Recently the website for my team’s entry for blythe beauty contest – Glacier Lily, has been updated by our team leader, Yuki, with japanese version and some extra “Making of” photos! ^o^ We were informed by the kind staff of CWC that Glacier Lily has arrived safely in Japan – she will be to be exhibited along with the other wonderful entries at Omotesando Hills and later to be voted on at the exhibition. Online voting will take place from 11:00 a.m. on June 23 (JPT) and voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on July 1 (JPT). Detailed information to come!

Vivi enjoyed window shopping in Pacific Centre ^^ too bad we couldn’t take photos inside the mall — we were stopped by security after a few shots :P

I think she prefers posing with flowers tho :)

The dress is made with a vintage fabric which was a present from Yuki ^o^

Vivi likes spring ^^

There’s many interesting plants to pose with ^o^

My husband think these type of grass/bushes are cool ^o^

The moss on the tree reminded us of an Ikea rug which me and husband were contemplating on getting ^^; But due to that our cats might try to eat the rug we decided not to ^^;

Betsey, my Heather Sky Prima dolly :) She’s one of the few dark skinned blythe releases which I found cute ^^;  

I need to matt her face sometime ^^; Photos of her doesn’t turn out too well due to the reflective shine ^^; Only a couple pictures turned out okay I think ^^;

Betsey is named after this brand of clothing XD

To see other non doll related photo,s you may wish to check out my other blog entry :3 Thanks for looking!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @chibinezumi hehe she’s like yummy milk chocolate ^o^ I’m glad Vivi could pull off the dress ^^

    @Vivian thank you, she’s a Mamachapp doll ^^ you may want to google it, I guess it’s in down town vancouver lol(Sorry I’m pretty bad with places/directions ^^;;;) I did a google and found this:

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