Dollfie Dream Bikini 2

Here we have Nyanko modeling *cough*someone‘s*cough* bikini order… ^^;;

Initially for the first round of test sewing, the strips on the bikini bottom I used black satin ribbon, but the satin ribbon had a problem — if our fingers are dry (i.e. from the weather) it can easily get snagged and be ruined.

So I decided to use a black fabric which I know f0r sure did not stain another type doll which I collect. First, I tested the fabric out by wrapping scrap piece of the fabric around the extra dollfie bust which I have, checking for staining over night.  So far it does not appear to have a staining problem. ^o^

I also used a grey thread instead of the black thread to sew the strips for the bikini bottom, then I hand stitched in such a way that the thread does not directly touch the body of the doll. (black sewing thread I had used before was known to stain which was why I used grey thread instead)

Making dollfie dream clothing is a lot of trial and error sometimes, as I need to test fabric and thread out and make sure nothing goes wrong before I can think about selling.

And of course making and tweaking the pattern to ensure a good fit takes time too ^^; I think it took at least 5-6 tries to make sure the bikini bottom work out. Often, different fabric can yield different fit and results due to different stretch etc.

Luckily the orange fabric does not seem to stain despite the vibrant colour (knock on wood)

Hot pants are rather tight, but can be worn over the bikini bottom ^o^

A few photos in artificial light for the record — after initial completion ^^ Must find time to make some for my own girls ^^;;;

Thanks for looking!

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  1. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    coffeebugg eagerly awaits the availability of these bikinis as he is being hounded by his daughters to get a pair each for them.

    coffeebugg spies plumber’s crack.

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