Yoko Dollfie Dream

Looks like she’s no longer just a dream ^^;

Below is photo taken at a spot in Stanley park ^o^

Acquired her from a dollfie parent in Korea with the kind help of Toel-uru san! I’m still pinching myself to make sure she’s real and there :P Yesterday I even dressed her up quickly with some older stuff I made and took her out with us for photoshoots! :)

First thing husband said when he saw her was that her eyes (optical pair) reminds him of a cat’s :) I think I may call her Nyanko :P

Soft grass and high heels and dynamite body is a recipe for faceplant/falling backwards :P

But luckily some shots turned out decent :)

Very happy to have her in the family :3

Over here!

Very lucky to have some decent weather yesterday! Today’s grey and rainy! o_o

North Vancouver

Dolphin sighting ^^;

By a beach

pose a bit stiff by end of the day LOL

Beautiful girl!

I posted a few quick photos at figure.fm after her arrival :) I have been quite busy with out of town relative so no time to blog for a bit ^^; BBL!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Nice catch!

    I really do love Yoko’s face, probably my favorite after Nanoha, there is just something so charming to me about smiling faces.

    I think Yoko looks so much better with casual clothes than her default outfit, can’t wait to see what you end up making for her.

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