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A friend and I placed a small order for wigs and a couple items which we were curious about, the order arrived quickly and safely in about 6 working days (not counting weekends). The box is packed with some crumpled newspaper as padding which was removed before the photo below.

My custom Taiga’s head (HDD-01 / Eyeholes Closed)  is currently using a 2nd hand size 9-10 wig (DW-33 For Delf – Mix Milktea Brown) originated from LUTS, and it fits pretty well partly due to the head size and ear position being almost exact.  I had to trim part of her bangs and sideburns (for lack of better word) to the right length tho.

Before purchasing the new wigs, I had tried Taiga’s wig on Mirin (HDD-03 / Eyeholes Opened) and it turned out somewhat loose, with the edge of the wig covering the tip of the ears.

My purchases out of this joint order:

Some observation for the purchases:

ETA: Seems that the silicone cap doesn’t neccessarily prevent wig stain ^^; as I read from a comment a fellow doll owner Jme mentioned here. The cap does helps hold the wig in place tho!

Silicone cap (Size L)  is soft and stretchy, so it fits Mirin’s head very well, the only complain I have is that it smelt quite bad ^^; I’m hoping that the smell will go away in time.

Front view:

Back view:

Since I know that the size 9-10 wig will have some fitting problem, I purchased the Silicone cap to see if it would help keep the slightly bigger wig in place. Also I was hoping if the Silicone cap fits, it may help reduce some staining issues which the Dollfie Dream’s vinyl tend to have with darker wigs.

With the Silicone cap, I noticed that the wig definitely have more grip to the head.

Unfortunately size 9-10 wig is still a bit big, the tip of her ear is slightly covered still. But I noticed I can tuck the edge of the wig to the back of her ears.

Also her hair usually covers her ears anyway, so it is not as obvious really. The bangs for this particular style does not cover her eyes, which means it does not need any trimming.

Slightly better shot (I hope!)

With the blond size 8-9 wig, I had to remove the Silicone cap from Mirin’s head in order to put it on properly, as size 8-9 wig, while it stretches quite a bit, the Silicone cap makes it harder to put the wig on properly. Also due to the style of the wig, the bangs covers one of her eyes.

I did a quick trim during lunch break ^^

Comparing the blond wig colour with the regular wig which I tend to let Mirin wear. Unfortunately I am unable to name the source of that original wig ^^;

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  1. Konata
    Konata says:

    oh really? thank you for your help!! i plan on making my own taiga soon~:D hope it turns out okay with the make up…

    • chun
      chun says:

      Taiga’s head is slightly bigger than Mirin’s (Mirin is a DDH03), she was able to wear 9-10 LUTS heat resistant wig. But I think the 8-9 wig, if the wig cap is stretchy she should be able to wear it too, just a bit tight?

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