Took Mokotan to a birthday dinner ^^ She’s wearing a dress I made for blythe doll many moons back ^^;/

Garlic bread, olive oil and vinegrette, itadakimasu~

Waiting for food…

Our server tried to ignore Mokotan ^o^; but at least she did not knock Mokotan over when she set the table ^^;

Ahhh Pasta! Oiishi so ^o^

*Blurp* Mokotan said she had no room for dessert ^^;

Waiting to go home~

Discovered a smaller size seat, think will fit dollfie dream better?

Guess what’s behind Mokotan ^^;

Till next time :)

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9 Responses to Adventures of Mokotan~ 2

  1. yamada says:

    Pasta eh.. where’s the dessert? She sit there all alone there, need to bring Taiga to keep her accompany :D

  2. wolfheinrich says:

    It would attract way too much unwanted attention if I were to bring my DD out to public area, I can only managed to drive them back to work when there is hardly anyone in the office.

  3. coffeebugg says:

    awww… looks like she had a full meal.

  4. kodomut says:

    Ah, the irresistible charm of twin tails ^^

  5. chibinezumi says:

    ooh such a cute birthday dress! Shame on the waitress for ignoring such a cute girl! The bench will look great with a dollfie dream! Mokotan hiding something for doggies? or doggie goods for kitties!?

    • chun says:

      lol sorry that I didn’t write it clearly ^^; it’s actually us attending someone’s birthday dinner lol. Not everyone is comfortable with dolls or find dolls cute so I don’t blame her really ^^ Someday I have to bring a dollfie dream to that bench! :) And that thing behind her is bags for scooping dog’s poo ^^;;;

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