Taiga Aisaka goes out 12 – Steveston

Was meeting a friend in Steveston so took Taiga along, think she had a nice time :)

This bench Taiga’s sitting on is a little smaller than the one we normally see in public, I had been meaning to take a photo of it with my dolls on it for a long time, very happy I got to do it today finally XD

When I took Taiga out and put the headphones on her, a child nearby remarked, “Music is coming from the doll”! Actually, the shops around were broadcasting some soothing music in that alley.

It turned out to be quite a lovely day, despite a bit cloudy at times. I am so glad it wasn’t raining, as it had been rainy for a few days before this.

Hanging out with Taiga reminded me of the time I hung out with my friend who was visiting from Singapore ^^

Phew! Are we getting a tan?

Halp! Or I’ll kick your butt later! ^^;

Thanks for looking ^o^/

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Yes! It’s nice to have her out with me ^^ light weight training (LOL) And yes, luckily a couple friends joined order with me :D

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