Test top for L bust part II

New wig (bought 2nd hand off a friend) and test blouse. She’s wearing the pleated skirt I made way before — these days usually only have time to make at most 1 item as I have other stuff to deal with at current =_=;/

I still need to tweak a part of the bodice area of this top as in certain angles she’s kinda erm exposing herself a bit more than neccessary ^^; will probably have to make something for her to wear inside this blouse.

Anyways having some pretty good light at home, so took some quick pictures during lunch time :3

Hopefully in Spring/Summer, will be able to take her out for some outdoor shoots :P

It would be a challenge to take her out without a suitable carrier as she is quite tall ^^;

Sorry :P running out of poses lol maybe I should invest in some extra hands ^^;

I would advice against putting dolls or toys too close to direct sunlight or heat/light source for long hours tho, as there could be risk of discoloring in the long run.

Husband mentions that he likes the L-bust (LOL) but I personally prefer the M-bust. His explaination is that the L-bust reminds him more of Anime girls :P

Another shot with some of the smaller beings ^^; From left to right: Vivi (Mamachapp), Tsukasa (Figma), Pastel Ink (Nendoroid) and Mirai(Yukino dollfie dream)


Thank you Danny for commissioning and featuring my sewing work  on his article! ^o^! To see some photos I took of my own Mirai Yukino Dollfie Dream cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga, check here! ^^/
Coming soon: the “Making of the Mirai Seifuku” blog entry, so stay tuned!

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