Miko Aki Hanami

We lucked out with the weather, it was supposed to be rain all week! Aki stole the show (and the DDIII body) and got me to pick her for an impromptu photoshoot earlier today :)

Not sure what these flower are, the bush actually has thorns ^^;

The beauty by the thorns lol

Decided to go a little further out by taking Strida Mini ^^;

Really glad I did as I came across this variety of blossoms which I always seem to miss due to bad weather in the past years… ^^;

The outfit is still somewhat a testing in progress I hope to improve the collar ^^;

Socks might look better if longer I think?

Aki looks great in anything :P

Aki faceplanted once during this photoshoot… (argh) Luckily the grass was soft, and the dirt was dry (But still ARGH!) :P

When I got home I immediately washed her clothes and wig and gave her a damp wipe down ^^;

After she fell, I almost wanted to head back right away… but thought it would be a waste, so I got rid of as much grass and dirt I could and shot a few more photos… Since I’m going to wash/clean her anyways I might as well ^^;

I’m glad I didn’t give up too soon, as I really like these photos of her standing by the tree :) It makes her look so small compared to the tree :3

Thanks for looking ^o^/! Hope to take more photos when I can, as the blooms are being taken over by the leaves too soon!

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  1. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    How large are Dollfie Dreams? I read somewhere that they’re 60 cm or inches but I’m not sure…

    • chun
      chun says:

      Yes she is! I love Aki so much! lol Glad you like the hair bow, I need to make more in different colours/fabrics and styles later I think :)

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