Summer dresses sneak peek

Tons of ideas, not enough arms etc to do everything ^^;

These 3 are test pieces, want to do something which will hide the join on the shoulders.  Mirin (our right hand side) is in L bust, while Himitsu (our left) and Aki (center) are in M-busts :PThinking about how I can pack this type of outfit without crushing them and leaving permanent wrinkles ^^; Aki looks very cute ne? :3

L-bust version may still need a bit of tweaking but I think right now it looks okay?

After I cut this out I felt that the colour of the fabric is a bit too close to the skin tone, tried to “fix” it with the dark brown ribbon… Fabric has some permanent wrinkles too… so probably not going to make more from it even tho it’s kinda cute :(

May do a set for evil bay first… while I work on moar ^^;…

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