Doll’s Loot 3

Mmmm dolly mail loot ^^;

Totally pleasantly spoilt by Mformonkey >_<!!! Wasn’t expecting a hoodie, much less see puppy mascot on it!

Rayray (my first Blythe) jumped out of whatever she’s wearing to snag this outfit ^^;

Look at the adorable packaging!

Hoodie and smock are so perfectly made >_< Total work of art!!!!

Had to have Nyanko try the hoodie :P

Too damn awesome!

Looks like some of the dolls has been shopping behind my back… (something like that :P)

Beautiful dress from blythewithyouandme! Necklace from BlytheCouture ^^


Pin head Vivi and Massive head Jeanie XD

Vivi claimed the pink one… I told her she has to share tho :P

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    Oh wow… what beautiful loot!!!! The hoodie is SO adorable, and the Blythe dresses are just adorable, I love it all!!!!

    Your girls are lucky, and have great taste!

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