Happy Halloween!

Mokotan help me out this year again with pumpkin carving, she helped in 2010 and in 2009 too ^^;

The last 2 year’s pumpkin carving was of Danny’s Mirai Suenaga, but this year I decided at the very last moment I want to try to carve my Happy Puppy :P  This year we got a white pumpkin to try and had fantastic results! I recommend getting a white pumpkin if they’re not too much more expensive in your neck of the woods ^^;

I used a marker to roughly sketch puppy out ^^ the marker is removed by magic eraser later on :)

I read online somewhere that the pumpkin inside smells like fart, and that kinda made me thought about fart when we made the first cut ^^;

Since Mokotan helps me out with pumpkin carving and posing, she gets some candy and to hang out when we were out and about too :3

Thanks to my husband for taking us out ^o^ here are some photos he took of where we got the pumpkin from :)

to see the final pumpkin completed and lit up, click here or the photo below :3

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13 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. sammy says:

    so kawaii!

  2. Mokotan with wings so cute! But then again Mokotan is always cute!

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