Broom broom

You may have seen Mokotan with her brand new broom in some of the previous posts, it’s a really neat one handmade by the kind folks at Granville Island Broom Company ^o^/

Husband asked for permission to take some photos inside their shop the last time we went, and we ended up asking them to help make a mini broom with a slightly longer handle for Mokotan ^o^

Mokotan is very pleased with her broom so far, it’s very study, and have survived a doll meet, and being in my handbag (wrapped in a towel with Mokotan) ^^; It also helped Mokotan clean my desk after I make a mess :P

Took the opportunity to take some photos around while we were at Granville Island :3

Too bad the weather was cloudy and grey ^^;

Interesting window displays XD

Neat that Mokotan was able to balance on the ledge :P

Too bad the hammock was a bit too small ^^; I wanted to buy a slightly bigger one for the DD girls, but they did not have white ones for the style I like ^^;

Funny displays XD

Too bad it started raining quite heavily after we collected the broom ^^; otherwise mokotan sweeping up the leaves on the ground would look really cute :P  Have a safe Halloween everyone!

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