Mokotan helps

This year, husband convinced me to carve a pumpkin for Halloween again :P I was a bit hesitant as I had no idea what I should carve lol! And then suddenly it hit me… can you guess what I decided on?

This bright orange colour reminds me very much of one of the sites which I frequent…

Please do not let your dolls do this without supervision!

Guess what I’m gonna carve yet? :P

This year I went about it a bit differently, last year I printed out something to help me, this year I tried using a sharpie, myhands got rather dirty afterwards >_<

By the time we were done, it was past 3 am O_o; Had to make myself take some photos before finally going to bed XD

Last year’s pumpkins ^^/

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  1. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    Awah! It’s so cute! ^_^
    Sadly this year, I didn’t even get a pumpkin so that I could carve one. Oh well, I might just have to get one to display for thanksgiving.

  2. tsunchan
    tsunchan says:

    Good job both of you.. Now I know Mokotan did the majority of the work ^_~ but someone had to supervise right ^_^

    Seriously, great looking carving job! Unfortunately didn’t get any pumpkins this year.. didn’t have time, and all the ones I passed were too expensive..

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