Puppy Love Autumn Mix set

15 Nov 2010: Item reached winner safely, thanks so much! You can see photos at the owner’s flickr here ^o^/

This set took a bit longer than expected to finish, but finally it is completed!

190461984899 http://bit.ly/c3fjF7

I wanted to make a set for L-bust, I had something else in mind, but when I made it and try it on the L-bust body, it looked too bulky ^^; So I went back to the drawing board and remade some items.

The hat/cap, I had to refine the pattern a bit, so it took a few tries before I got it right, had to throw away some attempts >_<;; Luckily the pattern was finalised despite sacrificing some fabrics…

The pants, the original version Aki gets to keep as payment, this new version has some extra details like belt loops, working back pockets, coin pocket on the right side in front,…

…and a little tag on the left back pocket ^^

The items included in the set can be worn in a few different ways ^o^

In a warmer setting she doesn’t need the vest ^^

Tube top can be worn on it’s on too :)

Made a white pantsu at first… but ended up making something else :P I drive myself crazy sometimes ^^;

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Cute! A shame I’m abroad and unable to have a go at this. Though if it’s DDII it won’t be fit for my DDDy Yoko.
    Might you make more/similar items in the future?

    • chun
      chun says:

      awww! and yes I should make similar items? Some fabrics I have limited amount of so it will likely be different materials etc. I’m hoping I have time/energy to make some simplified stuff to post on artfire later (likely as separates) I wish I don’t take so long to make items >_<;

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