Adventures of Mokotan~ 7

Almost forgot that Mokotan had a small photo session recently ^^;

She managed to snag the cute burger (a key chain thingie) from me – a present from a friend who went to Hong Kong for the holidays last December :)

So now if we have burgers, Mokotan can remind us she gets to have Mos burger, and not us :P

Who ate my cookie?!!?!?!

Is it you Zulu chan? LOL

Moko tan says she can has Mos burger ^^;

Zulu chan is a present for the husband by our friend ^^

As demonstrated by Mokotan, Zulu chan is good size for her^^

Zulu chan says he’ll investigate who ate the cookie incident ^^;

Picture taken nite before with the gang which came along with Zulu chan :P

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    • chun
      chun says:

      wait wait who’s she? LOL! I remember either you or someone took a photo of me when I had twin tails this short before… like many years ago ^^;

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