Taiga Aisaka goes out 2

Brought Taiga to work yesterday ^o^

I was almost not going to, but the weather was spectacular compared to the last 2 days of non stop rain.

It was a bit windy but just look at the sky! I was running late already so I couldn’t take too many out door shoots ^^;

I help out at a friend’s shop once a week ^^; got Taiga to stand in for a moment when I go to the bathroom…

Tadaima~ (Taiga not impressed) :P

Helping me guard the shop ^^;

Some random non doll related shots

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  1. Julezee
    Julezee says:

    LOL! i live in south africa, so we often get warm sunny days :) its winter here though, so its really cold. but sadly tall buildings get in the way here too :(

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