Eyes comparison part 2

A few more for comparison purposes.
Another hand painted head with light pink hair, I unfortunately cannot for the life of me remember what head is she She is a parabox neko head  — bought her too long ago and her packaging did not say where she is from (oops), I painted 2 heads for a friend, she picked the other ^^
I think for this attempt the eyes is a bit lopsided :P (and maybe a bit too far apart?) so this poor head is in storage :P I may give her a different type of mouth in future maybe the :D mouth lol

So how I went about painting the face is — using a fine brush, I “sketched” the eyes with diluted white acrylic paint, painted in the eye whites in first, then paint the darker colours over. I guess this step results in uneven surface seen on the close ups.

The rubber heads tends to stain if you use darker colour on it directly I find. But the “staining” method is good if you wish to apply blush to the doll ^^ (but it is a difficult technique to get right ^^; )

Right at the end when, I feel okay with the result I apply a clear/matt waterbased varnish over the eyes/eyebrows and mouth.

Below is a limited edition licca I found at Nakano Broadway last year, I named her Nakano lol
She has light pink pearl-ish lipstick ^^ she came with a cute school uniform which was unfortunately not very well made ^^;;;;;

An older picture of Nakano chan, and to see her other outfits here is her flickr set:

This poor Licca has her body “stolen” for one of my blythes :P purchased her from a friend in Singapore :D
she’s actually quite pretty don’t you think?

Please note: I do not own all of the vintage licca dolls in this post, Tibiloo had kindly offered to take pictures of her collection of different generations of Liccas for me to post here for comparison (Thank you!)

1st Generation Vintage Licca:

Lady Licca, looks similar to first generation face mould:

Blond Lady Licca:

1st Generation Repro (reproduction)

New Licca (between 1st and 2nd generation)

2nd generation vintage licca

3rd generation licca

Thanks for checking this out! :) I hope it might be of some help to identify some of the dolls out there ^^/

Eyes comparison

Inspired by this post on dannychoo.com, I decided to take some close up pictures of some of the dolls I have to compare the eye painting(s)

I painted 2 faces of my dolls before, and was often rather bothered by how the brush strokes shows up if I look closely ^^;

This is Koko, the doll I made before I acquired my Mamachapp doll :P

I made a Hagu doll, based off Hagu from Honey and Clover anime series :) Ugh need to find a better way to paint it neatly :P

Mamachapp doll also obviously factory painted (machine maybe?)

Just for good measure I include my 2 Licca chans ^^
This is the Vintage 2nd Generation licca

This is a repro 2nd generation :) I may try to repaint her lips as I find her lips a little bit too bright ^^;

Haruhi Nendoroid, different material base doll, but I thought to include her for comparison as well.
Her eyes obviously are factory applied, there’s even dithering in the iris part.

I am missing some of the more current liccas which I have (oops) maybe next time :)

Mamachapp redressed!

Hmmmm got reminded I had a couple outfits of the blythes which will fit her (mwahaha)

Dug them out and dressed the newbie up :P
She told me she’s too old for this ^^;

Gave her something to read while she wait for me to get the other set of clothes ^^;

Chang chang!

Missing something?

Ah better now ^^

Ready for school? She reminded me it’s evening ^^;; and school’s out ^^;;;;;;;! (Oops just noticed there’s a stray thread on her right sleeve ^^; )

Dream doll arrives!

I wanted one of these little stinkers for a while now and when I had a chance to get one from a friend, I HAD TO! lol

After being reassured I’m not having her for lunch or dinner, or any other meals at that, she calmed down and let me take a few pictures…

I noticed that her head is a bit bigger/chubbier than the dolls I tried to make by imitating her ^^; Also my friend told me before that her ears are pretty big as well XD Her clothing is very very well made with very fine lace even I dare say worth every pretty penny :P

They’re still chatting noisily like little birds on my desk :)
Thanks for the dream come true Virginie!

Daisy and Clover, small update :)

They have reached their new home with their new owner, who happened to be someone lovely I know XD this is a photo taken by her new owner which I got permission to post up ^^/
So good to see her out and about lol her hair and eyelashes look like they have a story to tell!

I haven’t had much dolly time these days, but finally last weekend I took Luna out :)
Don’t mind her older get up lol no time to make new clothes and I’m running a bit low on doll funds ^^;