Eyes comparison part 2

A few more for comparison purposes.
Another hand painted head with light pink hair, I unfortunately cannot for the life of me remember what head is she She is a parabox neko head  — bought her too long ago and her packaging did not say where she is from (oops), I painted 2 heads for a friend, she picked the other ^^
I think for this attempt the eyes is a bit lopsided :P (and maybe a bit too far apart?) so this poor head is in storage :P I may give her a different type of mouth in future maybe the :D mouth lol

So how I went about painting the face is — using a fine brush, I “sketched” the eyes with diluted white acrylic paint, painted in the eye whites in first, then paint the darker colours over. I guess this step results in uneven surface seen on the close ups.

The rubber heads tends to stain if you use darker colour on it directly I find. But the “staining” method is good if you wish to apply blush to the doll ^^ (but it is a difficult technique to get right ^^; )

Right at the end when, I feel okay with the result I apply a clear/matt waterbased varnish over the eyes/eyebrows and mouth.

Below is a limited edition licca I found at Nakano Broadway last year, I named her Nakano lol
She has light pink pearl-ish lipstick ^^ she came with a cute school uniform which was unfortunately not very well made ^^;;;;;

An older picture of Nakano chan, and to see her other outfits here is her flickr set:

This poor Licca has her body “stolen” for one of my blythes :P purchased her from a friend in Singapore :D
she’s actually quite pretty don’t you think?

Please note: I do not own all of the vintage licca dolls in this post, Tibiloo had kindly offered to take pictures of her collection of different generations of Liccas for me to post here for comparison (Thank you!)

1st Generation Vintage Licca:

Lady Licca, looks similar to first generation face mould:

Blond Lady Licca:

1st Generation Repro (reproduction)

New Licca (between 1st and 2nd generation)

2nd generation vintage licca

3rd generation licca

Thanks for checking this out! :) I hope it might be of some help to identify some of the dolls out there ^^/