Custom Blythe Haruko

Haruko (means spring child) was named after I completed her this Spring :) Her outfit is made specially for her to go to her new home ^^/

Ending Feb 28, 201016:00 (Item ID: 190375581932)

Blythe dolls are what got me started on this doll collecting hobby, and Haruko is one of the few customs I made :)

Custom work done:

  • Hair is trimmed and layered.
  • Face matted by sanding and buffing.
  • Eyelids is airbrushed in pink and shaded with a dark brown like that of dark chocolate, same shade as her eye shadow.
  • Blushy cheeks also applied with airbrush.
  • Her light pink lips are a combination of airbrush and hand painted details, her lips and corners of her mouth has also been carved to give her a gentle sweet smile.
  • Gaze is slightly corrected, and boggled and curly flirty eyelashes replaced her stock ones.
  • Her pull string has been replaced and pull ring is customised with beads and satin ribbon roses.

Her eye chips are:

  • Front: Turquoise green, Blue like clear skies
  • Sides: Darkbrown with sparkles, and Orange with floral base.

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you! huhu! I think it’ll be a while before I can do airbrushing again (due to that we have to set up a suitable space for airbrushing) ^^; lol

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