Date with Mai Little Alien

An overdue post about a date with Mai ^o^;

Below, we see Mokotan very excited about the parfaits we ordered ^^;;;  So delicious…

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Waiting by the Sakura

Who ‘s keeping Mirin waiting?

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Richmond Doll Meet 2010

Very pleased to be able to attend a meet kindly hosted by bluestarbaby :D I brought Nyanko and Himitsu, we had a blast!

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Yoko Dollfie Dream

Looks like she’s no longer just a dream ^^;

Below is photo taken at a spot in Stanley park ^o^

Acquired her from a dollfie parent in Korea with the kind help of Toel-uru san! I’m still pinching myself to make sure she’s real and there :P Yesterday I even dressed her up quickly with some older stuff I made and took her out with us for photoshoots! :)

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School girl Dollfie dream

Test sewing ^^; the white blouse is too loose ;_; (doesn’t look obvious under cardigan ^^;)

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Cardigan for Dollfie dream

Wanted to revisit making a cardigan for a while now, did not get to drafting a new pattern until today ^^;

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Himitsu Suzumiya

Brought Himitsu out for a quick spring blossom hunt yesterday afternoon ^^; I left her (optical) eyes blue cos I think she looks best in them ;) So there we have, Himitsu Suzumiya! ^O^

For previous photos of Himitsu cosplaying as Haruhi click here ^^/

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 11 – Sakura hunt

Ah has it been a while already since I last took just Taiga out? Anyhows, decided to quickly re-dress her and bring her out on a lovely day on a Sakura hunt! :D

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