Himitsu Suzumiya

Brought Himitsu out for a quick spring blossom hunt yesterday afternoon ^^; I left her (optical) eyes blue cos I think she looks best in them ;) So there we have, Himitsu Suzumiya! ^O^

For previous photos of Himitsu cosplaying as Haruhi click here ^^/

We were unfortunately a bit late for the pink blossoms outside a church’s parking lot in Tsawwassen ^^; the blossoms were mostly done ;_; better luck next year lol

Himitsu made the best of it by posing for me despite it being kinda windy and chilly ^^;

Ara! While husband was driving around, we saw some fuwa fuwa blossoms outside a Whitespot restaurant! LOL And there was a brief moment of sunny break ^o^

These were taken by the side of the road, luckily the camera bokehs off the background :P

Strike a pose!

Love the vibrant colours of spring blossoms :D

After looking thru these photos, I think we definitely had Himitsu wear the right clothes, since she really pops in the background :D

Look ma, no stand! (LOL)

Too bad the sky was grey ^^;

Omake lol Lots of old folks around since Canada used to be more of a place for retired folks? ^^; Apparently husband said someone took a photo of me taking doll photo with his camera phone ^^; too bad no photo of that :P

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Someday, someday I will go outside and take pictures like these. First though, I need a worthwhile outfit to show off like your North High uniform.

    It must be awesome to just drive and stop to take pictures spontaneously like this. Once again I’m debating whether Himitsu or Taiga is my favorite musume of yours.

    • chun
      chun says:

      You will! and I look forward to see your photos :) I can’t drive haha o_o I got my husband to thank for being able to be spontaneous :3 pick both? LOL

  2. anonymous_object
    anonymous_object says:

    Very cute :D
    I gotta say, that as a guy that with a growing interest in character dolls, it’s a bit tough to go out anywhere in public and take photos ^^; Takes a bit of courage xD

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