Maid Aki at a cafe…

Earlier today, we attended a small doll meet at a recently open cafe called Nikkoffee, the waitresses’s uniform looks kinda like maid outfit ^o^!

It was what inspired me to make the maid outfit ^^;

Too bad I was too chicken to ask the waitresses to take a photo with Aki together :P maybe next time lol!

The cafe venue is kinda small and cozy, they have decorations and props around which makes it nice for photos, and they have nice big windows to let the light in ^^

If you’re interested to check out the cafe, do call ahead to check if they have activities which may take up the whole venue! ^^;

Please note, this cafe is not exactly the type of Maid cafe we hear about in Japan/Asia! The staff were nice and soft spoken tho ^^

This doll is kinda like barbie size? but with a smaller bosom XD It’s very beautiful and delicate :)

Group photos :3

A Bearguy snucked into the meet ^^; Too bad I forgot to bring my Pedobear plushie :P

Who captured who?

Aki baby sits a little bit :3

Too bad no time to make Mokotan a small apron ^^;

Lightningsabre‘s Azone doll collection is getting bigger lol! She has knee pits, ask Lightningsabre to show you if you wanna see… lol XD

Alpaca get loads of loving… lol

Aki borrowed a flower hair clip (meant for humans) :3

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    OMG The little one in the green dinosaur outfit was adorable! and the pic of Aki with him/her was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen xD

  2. Persocom
    Persocom says:

    Looks like quite a nice cafe and a fun meetup. I’ve yet to meet another blogger that has interests similar to mine so I can only imagine what it would be like. I still need to meet someone with a dollfie so I can see what they’re like in person XD

  3. Otakusan
    Otakusan says:

    Any preorders for this? heehee It looks fantastic, and of cause Aki wearing it makes it even prettier… and I bet you Wolf (moe’s maids) is really eyeing this (^^)

    • chun
      chun says:

      lol unfortunately not for now >_<; I just listed an ebay set tho :3 I hope in future I can get more of those tiny delicate lacees :D

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