The weather forecast expected rain over the weekend, but we had some sunny breaks ^o^

Had to quickly take some outdoor shots of Aki outside for a bit :P I wonder if I overdressed her? ^^;

I was trying not to attract too much attention if I could, but I did get approached twice when I was taking some photos.

I think it was because of a crazy amount of migrating snow geese which had landed in the farmland where I was trying to take photos at ^^; It attracted some people trying to take photos of them ^^;

So one was a lady asking if it’s a collector type doll, remarking Aki’s very beautiful (XD;;) So I told her that Aki’s japanese brand, and can only buy online ^^;

When I was about to leave the spot, a few older guys (with cameras etc) asked if I wanted a photo of me and my doll… LOL I declined, cos was kinda messy (bad hair, in home clothes) LOL

See those white bokeh spots in the field at the background? It’s what attracted people around the area :P

Back home, still looking adorable <3

I want to take as many photos of Aki before we loose the daylight in Winter ^^;

Sorry Aki, couldn’t take you out further ^^;

She’s hanging out on my desk now :)

She’s wearing some old and new clothes, remixed :3

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22 Responses to Aki’s Autumn Adventures 2

  1. Akiyo says:

    Aki is so cute.

  2. Ex14 says:

    …I’m tempted to believe either you or Aki is casting some sort of spell @_@ it’s not possible how Aki looks good in most wigs or clothes XDD

  3. Mimi Nekota says:

    Hi Chun I’m a giant fan of yours and Blythe! I fount out today that the are selling petit Blythe with littlest pet shop toys in walmart!

  4. Miette-chan says:

    Alright, Himitsu, Taiga move over my new favorite is definitely Aki. Oh man, Aki really just do look dreamy on anything you make her wear.

  5. myra says:

    She has such a serene face, I love her outfit–perfect look for fall!

    • chun says:

      Thank you :D I really like her a lot, every time I look at her I feel happy that I was able to get her this year XD Glad you like her outfit ^o^ I wish I can pull it off on me LOL

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