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Been a while o_o

Hello stranger ^^; The theme I was using for this page got nuked, so I have to use a new one, and while at it, I am making an update! The page looked something like the screen capture below for the longest time, but wordpress got really finicky to update, and there was a lot […]

News on Patreon

Sorry for the lack of updates here! I had been busy preparing for a big deadline in April (coming very very soon) and I will be away for a little bit, sneak previews and early news will be posted on my patreon at puppy52.com  (some news will be public – free for all followers and […]

Mirai Merry Christmas!

Almost forgot to post a few photos of Santa Mirai this year! I brought her to the Mall with me a couple weeks ago and managed to take some festive photos :3 (click on the images to view full size!) One more of Mirai taken outdoors in the freezing butt cold against the Wings on […]

Winter collection 2017

23 Dec 2017: Thanks everyone for your orders, I have taken enough orders to close shop for a while and I will be working on making them over the following month. Orders from this time period may be ready to ship from 2 weeks to a month after ordering, due to holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy […]

Toadstools hunt with Chitose

Gosh, been a while since the last photo update! Halloween is coming up quick, I was inspired to make a slightly “witchy” theme for Chitose… In Autumn there’s a time when Mushrooms/toadstools are quite abundant, and we managed to hit the mother load of my favourite toadstool – Amanita muscaria.

Shop update~! Daisy bikinis and Socks

23 August 2017: I have shipped some orders today, there’s still a few I am working on, buyers will be contacted when the items are shipped :) Thanks everyone for waiting! This shop update is a Pre-order style, I am taking orders for the Daisy Bikinis until the daisies run out (I don’t have much of […]

Daisy Bikini preview

I had this idea for a while now, and finally put it into action ^^;  Then…. I counted the daisies I have and realized I don’t have a lot of it for too many so… So!  I want to find out which style do you prefer? This post is mainly to document the sets, I […]

Those socks and a few more…

8 June 2017: I have shipped a bunch of items out yesterday and had just notified the buyers. Still working on a couple orders (Thank you for your patience!) Thank you everyone for getting something from the shop!!  I’m waiting for the socks fabric to arrive! ======== This entry is a documentation of the items I had […]

Vending at iDoll

I mentioned before, that last year in December I was selling at iDoll for the first time! Due to my good experience applying and vending at iDoll last time, this year I applied to vend at iDoll Vol. 49 in Tokyo on 23 April 2017!  I will be vending with KitDolls who make crochet items (it will be […]