23 August 2017: I have shipped some orders today, there’s still a few I am working on, buyers will be contacted when the items are shipped :) Thanks everyone for waiting!

This shop update is a Pre-order style, I am taking orders for the Daisy Bikinis until the daisies run out (I don’t have much of it at the moment) As usual, the latest updates is on twitter @puppy52!

I have some materials for the Kitty and Bunny socks too so I am opening the pre-order together! ^^)/

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3 Responses to Shop update~! Daisy bikinis and Socks

  1. Pocket Change says:

    Yep, I got it, thanks!!

  2. Pocket Change says:

    I check your shop everyday, I swear I checked on August 8th, but your sock preorders disappear faster than Nintendo game consoles….


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