Summer Collection 2012

14 July 2012: Shipped a bunch of items today, excess shipping refunded to 2 canadian buyers (thank you~!)

12 July 2012: The last items for this current update have sold, thank you everyone who paid quickly, your items are being packed to be shipped over the weekend of 14-15 July. Any delays or changes I will contact the buyers by e-mail. Thanks again everyone who responded quickly :D

6 July 2012: There are still a few items I have yet to list yet I will be out today, so next round of items will be randomly listed maybe one of the following week when I am actually home, sorry everyone it’s just one person doing the cutting/sewing, photographing, listing, responding to comments etc, then packing and shipping soooooo it does take a while… ^^;/ Thanks for your patience!

After a bunch of trial and error and a lot of teasing on flickr and twitter, some halter tops and denim (slight stretch) is now being prepared for listing. Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come (with some notes).

Before I open shop, please note all items are sewn with white thread but are not lined in white fabric, and are worn by my girls for a few days (some longer) with no noticeable staining, BUT I would recommend checking time to time or changing the clothes after use to something lighter/white rather than letting your girls wear it for months on end on your dollfie dream girls :)

Triangle halter top: These tops are to fit L-bust, but can be worn by M-bust loosely and somewhat tightly on the Yoko Dynamite body (due to the smooth bust). Not recommended for the regular Dynamite body as some NSFW parts may be showing due to the fit. Below is Saya in L-bust DDII body

Below is Airi in M-bust DDII body

Below is Aki in L-bust DDIII body

Below is Nyanko in DDdy smooth bust – limited bust of Yoko Dollfie dream (no pointy nipples), some wrinkles under bust area and at the back due to the tight fit ^^; This top will probably not fit the Shapely Dynamite bust due to the positioning of the um nipples >_<;

Below is Mirai in Normal Dynamite bust, Dynamite body (you can see the parts barely covered) ^^;

Elastic halter top: These tops are to fit the L-bust, but can be worn by M-bust loosely and somewhat tightly on the Dynamite body as well. Not recommended for the S-bust as it is way too loose unfortunately. Below, Aki in L-bust DDIII body

Below, Mirai in Normal Dynamite bust, Dynamite body

Elastic halter top slim: These tops are made for the S-bust and M-bust ^o^! Will not fit the L-bust and Dynamite bust unfortunately, I have adjusted the pattern so that it fits a little snugly around the torso. Below, Himitsu in S-bust DDII body

Below, Airi in M-bust DDII body wearing the same top as Himitsu seen as above.

For a comparison purpose, below Himitsu in S-bust wearing the Elastic halter top slim, and Airi in M-bust wearing the regular Elastic halter top. You can see that the top is already somewhat loose fitted in the bust on Airi ^^;

Summer shorts: Made with a lovely denim with a slight stretch, I have used this series of denim for a few pieces of clothing before and they do not seem to stain, even the dark/medium blue. (Yey!) But my warning about not leaving the clothes on extended period of time still stand! So finally inspired by the weather we bring you some shorts after adjusting the pattern for period of time. Made for the DDII/DDIII body — Should fit DDS body as well — I do not own a DDS body ^^; (but maybe a little bit loose?)


Omake photos ;P

Oops! :P Aki <3!!!


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  1. AnimeLover
    AnimeLover says:

    Aww! Those shorts are ADORABLE! Love the heart details, they really make them special!

  2. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Looks like a set of lovely handmade items. ^^

    Checked the store but all seems to be sold out/out of stock, a shame, wouldn’t have minded grabbing a shorts/top set.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Sorry! XP I probably listed at a weird time — was awake and by the time I know it it was past 1 am in Canada o_o; I do hope to list at random time to reach different people around the world, and I hope you might catch some when I list them again later in the week :)

  3. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Aw man, completely missed the sale because I was sleeping!

    Gotta say love the elastic halter top, possibly because Nanoha has an M bust. :D

    • chun
      chun says:

      Don’t worry, I should be listing a few more items eventually :) I just listed them and headed to bed shortly after >_<;

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