Meow… Cat themed items preorders

2014 May 21th: Some packages are shipped, working on the rest of the orders :) thanks everyone for waiting patiently!

2014 May 10th: [PREORDER closed], I am currently working on filling the orders. I will e-mail when the items are packed to be shipped :) Thanks everyone!

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I think it was possibly sometime last year, I made a commissioned of shorts with a custom design for the pocket for littlebearries so I want to mention that the pocket idea isn’t completely mine :P But I was glad the idea to make a mini skirt with lace edge turned out ^o^! This time it is made for DDII/DDIII/DDS body only.

I hope to have some available as shorts eventually ^^; Meanwhile will focus on these rather micro mini skirts :P

Then there’s the Ginko and Yoshi pocket teeshirts! I draw a weekly comic for Singapore papers, and the cat characters are inspired by our very own Ginko and Yoshi I post photos of Ginko and Yoshi regularly on instagram :) Below, Airi (M-bust DDII body) is wearing a Ginko pocket tee :)

The teeshirt can be worn with the mini skirts ^o^/

Aki (M-bust DDII body) is wearing a Yoshi pocket tee :)

The teeshirt looks nice with a grey mini skirt too!

The teeshirt will stretch to fit L bust, as seen below on Saya  (L-bust DDIII body), I have to try to see if it will fit the Dynamite busts, though the back may have some creases due to the curves of the dynamite body ^^;

The skirt will fit quite snugly to the form of the DDIII/DDS body

With the skirt, the nice thing is your doll will be able to sit, but her panties will be showing from the front :P

Photos ahead maybe a little NSFW, even though no naughty bits are showing! You have been warned!



Omake ^^;

Playful Aki <3 being a tease lol :P

Aki: What are you looking at?!

Thanks for your interest! And hope you liked the items :)

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Nice, quite like those mini skirts and shirts. ^^
    Especially the short mini skirt seems ideal for the ‘Haku’ pose as done by Aki in the second-to-last photo. XD

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