I wish! Doesn’t she look so cute like this? If my dolls/toys really know how to knit and sew I’ll probably work them to death :P  (bad owner!) 

Bunch more pix of Mirai in a yellow knitted sweater ;)

Sweet and sexy girl (rawr!)
Made this version longer + longer sleeves ^^/ 

Today I quickly made a “holder” for Mirai’s spare M-bust ^^; the final shape unfortunately looks a lot like er erm a particular organ so I’ll spare you guys pictures of just that piece I made lol. The Dollfie Dream bust is made of some type of soft rubber like material and is hollow. I made a shape based off the hip to around the ribcage area to hold the spare bust. The holder will fit either M or L-bust or bust which fits Dollfie Dream II bodies.

I also made a little ribbon loop which goes thru the neck hole and it can be hung up as well. Now I can display some of my M-bust sized sewings and make some use of it instead of having the bust lying around doing nothing ^^;

Bonus shot of the nendoroids ^^; Who’s peekin over them? lol

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7 Responses to Mirai learns to knit…

  1. chun says:

    Arayden aw but well I guess it’s always good to keep the spare bust handy ^^; as for Vivi hmmm her blush is actually not that obvious in person lol

  2. Arayden says:

    I’ll have to get back on M bust, now that Saber Alter(DD20)’s set finally came along. ( No clothes suitable for L bust , bwaaallll )

    Is it me or is Vivi *blushing* while peeki… err… monitoring at them? It be only time before Konata starts casting random spells hur hur hur hur.

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