Dollfie Dream arrival!

I’ll just say I was weak :P thanks to temptations from you know who you are…. (LOL) I talked about her a lot to my husband so he kinda okayed it so while he said okay I better get her before he change his mind (LOL)! How to resist this beautiful face?
She was purchased from volksusa.

Click on photo below to see a full body image

Being snowed in over Christmas + huge parcel load during the festive season caused a delay for her arrival, but I am really happy that she managed to arrive before the New Year holiday ^O^

Extremely excited when the postman rang the bell while I was doing laundry ^^;

Sniffer Meow in action (he really is just interested in the box ^^;)

Default wig is hidden behind her in the box, packaged such that it does not get flattened.
When I took her out from her yellow box she looked like this (a text link to a censored nude doll image). No wig and no clothes yet…

Default, very well made lingerie, the frilly underwear is extremely well made too!

I made a test corset from a pattern my friend kindly let me made a copy of from her book…

Wig testing… This is possibly my favourite at the moment ^^ Short blond bob ^^

Silverish short bob, less curly than the one above

Bed head? (least favourite but the colour makes her eyes pop)

In case anyone was wondering how did I have so many wigs ready for her? The wigs actually belong to a neglected resin boy doll (a very handsome Yder from I have (still stuck in his box) I’m thinking I’ll probably sell the boy’s body in future and perhaps invest in a man obitsu body for him ^^; (still not sure just yet, and don’t have budget at the moment ^^; )

Currently she’s wearing my neglected boy’s roughly made shirt. It looks loose and oversized but kinda cute no?
I’ll be mucking around with some outfits for her in future! ^^

Wishing everyone a very Happy and prosperous 2009!!!
I think I will name her Mirai! :D

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  1. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Leah thanks! :D

    Panther lol well the nice thing about dollfies is that you can change their hair style by switching wigs ^^ I like her soft sweet look ^^ and small nose and mouth is win :P

    aquilla Thank you! I was running out of decent lighting (oops) so all the pictures are pretty bad quality for now (doh!)

    I think I got Yukino sooner than expected :P (Gya!) But I’m pretty happy with her and I hope to have time to make clothes etc etc lol!

    Ah! sorry! my dolly blog has different settings from my gallery blog (which seems to be a bit broken at the moment — oops!) so please bear with me a bit ^^;

  2. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Oh Chun she’s soooo lovely, I love the first pic, that wig looks great with the hat!

    So glad you got your Yukino at last ^^ I know what you mean about saying ‘when the man says yes I have to get it fast before he changes his mind’ lol.

    Can’t wait to see what clothes you make for her.

    *Had to make a google account to post comment today, the open id box wasn’t here today.

  3. Panther
    Panther says:

    I read up on dollfies just in case, remembered seeing one for the first time that I liked. Dolls are something else, but dollfies are pretty much <3 thanks to how close they are to anime characters.

    Yukino looks like one I want too, like her long hair the best though. And dollfies are an expensive hobby. Oh well. I prefer her over Aoi though. Congratulations on getting her Chun!

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