Warm up test sewing

Been rather busy these days, squeezed a little time to do some quick/warm up sewing ^^;

I saw a human size dress on a display (in different fabric) for a while now and wanted to make a doll sized version of it :D I don’t have a set pattern for this one unfortunately as I have to pleat and pin the “bra” part on the bosom of my Mirai to make sure they fit properly ^^;

A few more quick photos taken with the point and shoot camera (hence the bad photo quality — oops)

Made the skirt part a bit too quick so the white underskirt doesn’t fit as well (grr)

Close up :3

Front view ^^

I squeezed Mirai into my MSD hybrid’s hoodie :P this hoodie is made of stretchy material, but even so,I cannot close the buttons in front ^^;

Mirai is a bit sad that I haven’t made one which fits her properly ^^;

An old picture of my MSD hybrid (around 43 cm tall), Elliot, wearing the same hoodie, freezing her resin butt in the snow ^^; Elliot has dream of doll BeeA face, and Narae pinky white body.

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