Doll meet at Queen Elizabeth Park

Took Mirin and Pi chan with me to a doll meet on Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Park (QE park for short)

I invited a friend who’s interested in the Dollfie Dream to go as well XD

I took Strida Mini out with me too so I did not bring my canon DSLR :P All photos are taken using LX3, I had to adjust most of them a bit in photoshop ^^;>  I wanted to take Strida Mini out as much as the weather permits ^^; It’s quite a work out for my arms :P Gotta roll Strida Mini around when it’s folded and carry it up and down stairs/bus LOL Good exercise~!

For moar pix from the meet you can go to this batch of flickr photos :)

I am featuring some photos of Mirin and Pi chan here :)

Pi chan~!

So sunny >_< I got a headache by the time I got home in the evening x_x

Goofing around lol Galamirix brought his spanking new Sakuya to the meet, and we met a Marisa by a another DD owner :D

Pi chan guard my Strida Mini… lol and perhaps the donuts :P

My friend had this idea of putting Mirin on this tree :3

Mirin suntaning? (Not a good idea really :P)

Mirin has even longer legs due to the wide angle lens :P

<3! navci of 2 of Hearts took a lot of awesome photos from this meet too ;)

Thank you for looking XD

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