Halloween doll meat in Richmond 2012

Had to say doll meat… feels appropriate for setting the Halloween mood ;P

See the full set on flickr here!

I will pick a few to post under cut :D need to zz soon =_= another busy day ahead tomorrow >_<;

Taiga and Bunny?

Taiga is annoyed at my half butt attempt at the outfit :P I should have made her some paws… maybe for next year lol

Met a friend’s Miki  whom he named Afuu :D I like her seamless torso lol

Witch was a popular choice to dress up for many of the dolls XD

Paw taking a rest on the bench lol

Bluestarbaby’s girl got new neko fist hand :P

Some of the dolls went as themselves XD

Mokotan borrowed a dress from Blythes and became the stowaway lol

Sibling rivary for some

Another adorable witch :3

The cutest little bad wolf XD

Pink police saber of Yuki Wu

Along with the once in a life time(?) Azone world domination

Gossip girls

It seems unavoidable that there will be friendly fights time to time :P

So there was a total of 55 pictures from the camera, I haven’t even try to look at the photos from my phone yet ^^;

Once again you can see all of them here :D Thanks for looking, wishing all of you a Happy Halloween!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      It was a wet and rainy day but everyone who made effort to make it had wonderful displays :D and the space for this meet was awesome :) Very open ^o^

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