Tested out pattern, tweaked it, then sewn it in a darker fabric which I suspect should not stain, I had a bit of the fabric on her hands and body for a bit and no staining was observed. The ultimate test to do is to put the pants on a dollfie body for a few days to see if it stains ^^;

Day 2 of wearing the pants

Sweet Mirai reminding me why I fell in love with her :P

Love the hint of sass she shows on occasion ^^

Day 3

There are occasions I made clothes for my blythe dolls and the clothing stains despite vinegar solution treatment on the fabric(s) I used, it can be really frustrating as I need to throw the completed sewing away when that happens.

Final verdict, this fabric… does not stain? It does leave some lint here and there tho, like on the bum-crack ^^; Gotta dust/blow it off :P

Lovely yummy torso :3

Showing the navel (belly button)

Innocent or seductive? You pick :P

Yummy backview

Legs up to heavens…

I’ll end off this post with a couple links for you dollfie owners out there, there’s the pimple cream treatment for accidental stains, and the prevention method by pre-masking certain clothing which is known to stain dollfies.

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7 Responses to Pants for the Dynamite body 2

  1. Pinkwing11 says:

    That fabric looks very cool and comfertable at that :)

  2. coffeebugg says:

    mmm… that’s a very delicious sight. There’s a term for that lovely view it’s just at the tip of my tongue…

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Good, to know it didn’t stain. Those pants do look pretty nice on Mirai.

    I’m still to afraid to try putting pants on Nanoha it did get her some white thighs I suppose that should prevent any mishaps.

  4. missvampirecookie says:

    I love the trousers! your such a good seamstress! I try my hardest but mine are not good ^^;

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