Dolly sweat shop? Mirai has a date…

I would love to sew more but I don’t have enough time in a day ^^; So I got my slaves little ones to work on some smaller sewing…. (not) 

I even had Ginny help me update my last post on my art blog (I wish!)

Okay the white dresses on my Mamachapp girls – Ginny and Vivi are wearing is actually a part of something for a charity project – Blythe Manna Energy Dress Drive. I requested 3 white dresses to be sent to me by Gina Garan from thisisblythe.

The dresses are to be customised into something totally different around mid-march and will be auctioned off later, proceeds going to Charity. When I have everything done I’ll post more about it. I have already sketched out some ideas of what I wanted to do. Now is to find time to do it! I wanted to see how the dresses look on my Mamachapp dolls and ended up taking pix for this entry (oops).

I think Vivi wants her turn on the laptop ^^;

The little laptop Ginny’s using is from the Nendoroid School Life set, and the sewing machine is from Sylvanian Families, the ironing board and iron is from Re-ment.

I gave Mirai an old phone I found — was supposed to belong to my other ball jointed dolls :P But sharing doesn’t hurt anybody rite?

And now Mirai said she has a date? Maybe I shouldn’t have given her the cell phone ^^;

I told her I think  her skirt is too short tho, what do you think?

Okay gotta make dinner, laters! :D

ETA: Thanks Danny for the sewing items feature :D Been a pleasure and thanks for patiently waiting for me to complete the items we talked about ages ago lol ^^/

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Arayden, the dresses on the mamachapps are not made by me lol I am supposed to customise them to look different from what they look like now :) I have also find time to make a better looking bra– tried one and it looks weird lol!

  2. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    Hmmm very simple clothes for your little ones working hard in the sweat shop :p.

    Nice socks and shoes there :p. And i think Mirai still needs to wear…. erm.. a bra… beneath the sweater :p .

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