Meet Himitsu ^^; she arrived not too long ago (very quick shipping from volks international – which I am not complaining about) I couldn’t wait and gave her a quick face up ^^; I may redo it in future as I am not 100% happy with it, and I am also considering sanding her cheeks a bit ^^;

I really like her big eyes ^o^ She’s gonna be using the M-bust body tho ^^;

Also need to gloss her lips for a shinier look :3

hmmm can do better on the eyebrows ^^; One thing I must say tho,  I read somewhere that the head cap for this head was difficult to put on so I did the modification as stated in step 11 at this tutorial.

Of course, gotta have Taiga in for a group shot :P will try to take pictures if/when I have daylight ^^;

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19 Responses to Big eyed girl

  1. Koharu says:

    She’s gorgeous!
    I really like her eyes and her smile. So pretty. Looking forward to more photos of her! ^^

  2. Pinkwing11 says:

    She’s very cute, but there is something about her mouth that….looks a bit off to me… -shrug- or maybe I’m just tired :)

  3. yamada says:

    Whoa! she’s very adorable. Can’t resist Taiga,Mirai and Mirin cuteness!!

    btw my laptop died about weels ago so I got hard time to login here and there. ^^;

  4. chibinezumi says:

    The cheeks suit her age as in making her look younger, she has a healthy teen look! But they are the first thing I noticed in the comparison shot of all the girls, as mirai/mirin have very skinny faces. I like her! are her eyes 22mm? Going to be working on my own girl after christmas (well at least her head ^^;)

    • chun says:

      yeah! I also noticed that compared to mirin and mirai lol Himitsu uses 24 mm eyes :) I look forward to see your girl! :D You’ve been doing great with the tiny doll’s make up! ^^

      • chibinezumi says:

        Thanks! I had ordered those exact same color eyes a week ago with a head but can’t touch till christmas ^^;

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