Himitsu – DDH04 head customised

Friday was an extremely bright day and I itched to work on Himitsu’s face a bit. I managed to dug out some tools and started shaving/sanding and buffing her right cheek, and I touched up her make up a bit as well, below is the result :)

After I sanded her right cheek, I looked at her in person, and took some pix and looked again.

The weird thing is I felt that even tho it was only one cheek sanded, she still looked somewhat okay?

I used pastels for her lips, removed the eyeline below her eyes and softened her blush. It makes a big difference to work on the make up with plenty of natural light ^^;

Used photoshop to edit the eye colour, hmmm should have bought more different colour eyes *face palm*

Photos below are taken before the 2nd make over, I had dug around for a different wig and I think it suited Himitsu better :)

Her eyes (optical ones :P) reminds me a bit of Haruhi ^^;

The brown of the wig seems to soften her face a bit :)

For comparison’s sake, took a couple shots of current make up with the same brown wig ^^

ETA: On Sumika Times there’s a tutorial for DDH04 which is pretty detailed which might help you with customising your own DD head ^^/

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  1. Cel
    Cel says:

    She looks best with the brown wig – lively with some gentleness. Her red eyes don’t really match with blond hair.

  2. Kotetsu-chan
    Kotetsu-chan says:

    I like the subtle changes you did on your newer face-up; especially the subdued rouge on the cheeks. Also can see the difference with the cheek bulge. Love that brown hair on her! I have always been afraid to do my own face-ups, although I have blushed and improved other parts of my DD body. I did add SD eyelashes to my DD heads though, and I think that little alteration looks great. I also have two Obitsu Grettel heads that I have had friends in the US and Germany help with the face-ups. They look absolutely gorgeous on the DD body! I use my DD heads when I want the anime look they have, and use my Obitsu heads when I’m going for a more realistic, model-like look. Anyway, I like the look you have achieved with her. ^_^

    • chun
      chun says:

      I think making face up can be quite stressful, I haven’t gotten to the stage where I can paint the fine hairs on the eyebrows yet ^^; The brush is difficult to control especially under artificial lighting.

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