Friday was an extremely bright day and I itched to work on Himitsu’s face a bit. I managed to dug out some tools and started shaving/sanding and buffing her right cheek, and I touched up her make up a bit as well, below is the result :)

After I sanded her right cheek, I looked at her in person, and took some pix and looked again.

The weird thing is I felt that even tho it was only one cheek sanded, she still looked somewhat okay?

I used pastels for her lips, removed the eyeline below her eyes and softened her blush. It makes a big difference to work on the make up with plenty of natural light ^^;

Used photoshop to edit the eye colour, hmmm should have bought more different colour eyes *face palm*

Photos below are taken before the 2nd make over, I had dug around for a different wig and I think it suited Himitsu better :)

Her eyes (optical ones :P) reminds me a bit of Haruhi ^^;

The brown of the wig seems to soften her face a bit :)

For comparison’s sake, took a couple shots of current make up with the same brown wig ^^

ETA: On Sumika Times there’s a tutorial for DDH04 which is pretty detailed which might help you with customising your own DD head ^^/

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21 Responses to Himitsu – DDH04 head customised

  1. Miette-chan says:

    She looks so cute with that second wig, smiling daughters really are the best. I’m surprised at the make over some owners like you can make.

  2. Aquilla says:

    She looks really sweet with the new face up. I agree that natural light makes all the difference. I got my MSC and tried a few face ups on my girl, but since I could only work in the evenings, I just can’t get anything that looks right. Wi’ll havr to try find some time in daylight hours.

  3. moemoekyun says:

    sorry,But somehow I though red eyes not suit her >_<

  4. missvampirecookie says:

    She looks really pretty now!(not like she wasn’t before^^) i really like the brown wig on her!

  5. chibinezumi says:

    Hmmm…trying to rid her of CCS? (Chipmunk Cheek Syndrome: caused by prolonged cheek pinching or stuffing ones face full of acorns) The roundness of her face changes with the different wigs. The brown wig is still the best to me! Like the lighter lips and makeup, she really looks cute now,but she wasn’t bad to begin with!

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