I have been very busy ^^; so there will not be much text :P 2 dolls follow me around during activities…^^;/
Vivi queuing…

For first convention badges ^^;

Pretty tiles ^o^ Doll size!

Distracted by flowers ^^;/

Different place from different day… ^^/ Richmond Olympic Oval :D This time Belinda came with me ^o^ She is wearing beautiful outfit by xoxoblythe ^^/

For non-doll pictures, please check out here ^^/!

Okay I have to run ;_; laters!

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6 Responses to Busy dolls

  1. yamada says:

    4th pic reminds me when I was having a holiday trip to Singapore LOL XDD

  2. Aquilla says:

    Those dinky little tiles are adorable and perfect dollie scale. How sweet.

  3. Ah you posted these pictures fast! Two posts in a row that I’ve been there when you took one or two of these photos XD

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