Variety of dolls

This week is a week of busy and surprises ^o^ I was trying not to buy too many doll items, but it is not always successful ^^; Below, Ginny is wearing a cute hat which came with my purchases from ^^/

Taken on my way to work ^^

I wanted to buy the rilakkuma head for me you Ginny, but it belongs to my boss :P

A tomodachi (friend) visited us after my day at the shop, and she kindly brought a present for a late birthday ^o^! (domo arigato Mai chan!) In the cute box contain lovely fabrics, and a beautifully made dress for Lati, but fits the dolls at hand!  I used the lace she use as a ribbon to tie the box as a veil for Chitose chan (1st gen Licca repro).

Mai came to visit our cats, and we fed her dolls to our cats…(JK) had fun :P (Nikki — white cat, Odeco — purple wig doll) Yoshi (tabby), Ginko (grey).

The next day I took some other photos at home when there is some light ^^/

2nd hat from tibiloo ^^/

Beautifully made surprise birthday dolly dress from xoxoblythe :D
Belinda, my kenner models it after a big fight among the dolls ^^;

Test sewing :) I converted it to something which fits Mamachapp better today ^^;


Later ^^;/

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  1. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    The pic with Yoshi and Ginko is somewhat like …

    ( Oh noes the CATS are here to eat us ! Save yourselves!!! )


    T.T Fate’s hair needs to be darn delicate. ( No exposure to windy areas :P )

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Oooh there’s the photo you took when I was there! Kawaii! Ask your boss where you can get one. I was googling that Rilakkuma, but I don’t know what the product is called >_<

    Oh no Ginny! Watch out for that “dolphin”! Don’t let it “spit” on you!

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