Vivi adventures continue…

Before some Vivi photo spam, I want to thank Namo san of d*d*mod for linking up and featuring! :D We are very happy and honoured (^^)/! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu! And Namo san has quite a few beautiful dollfie daughters, do check d*d*mod for more!

This afternoon, I went for a hair cut and after that I went to meet my husband at a bubble tea place near the hair salon. Vivi came along ^^/

The bubble tea place we met at was called Gogo Tea Cafe, at first we heard that it is like a Maid Cafe where the waitresses dress up, but they were just in tee-shirts and shorts when we were there ^^;

Heard the waitresses giggled at us a bit when we were taking pictures of Vivi, we were kinda immune to it since I used to take more outdoor pictures with my blythe dolls which normally draws a bit more attention ^^; probably because of their big heads ^^;

It was a sunny day…

Vivi wanted some of my drink too — I ordered Lemon Aloe Vera, a drink which I really like back when I was living in Singapore.

Tough being a 23 cm doll ^^;

I also decided to try their soft tofu with black sesame paste :P Vivi is not very impressed ^^;

Seriously tho it tastes and smells better than it looks :P The sesame paste was surprisingly filling, the tofu, very light and slightly sweet.

Husband ordered a Logan Ginger tea as his throat had been itchy and making him cough at random ^^; He said it was pretty good ^^ More pix at the art brog if you’re interested ^^/

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    • chun
      chun says:

      It’s actually pretty good ^^ sesame paste is quite filling that’s all ^^; Vivi was probably like you gonna eat that?!

  1. chun
    chun says:

    @namo chan Hallo!!! Thank you for coming back to comment ^o^! I tried to e-mail you but I am not sure if you received ^^;/ I could not comment on your blog as I do not have a account ^^; I also use a translation on google to read your blog :D! Yorosiku onegaishimasu~~

  2. namo
    namo says:

    Hi chun-san!

    wao!waowao~! Thank you for introducing my blog:)
    and Please call me “namo-chan”(^^)v mufu

    Daughter of chun-san is very wonderful, too.
    Of course as for Vivi-chan(*^^*)[kawayui]

    We are looking forward to hearing from you

    *Because I depend on translation software because English is not possible, I am sorry if words are strange m(_ _)m

  3. Chappy
    Chappy says:

    YUMMY sesame tofu. It’s one of my favorite desserts. ^^
    People always look at me whenever i take my little girl out. Look at me like i am a weirdo, but already immune as well.

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